Radiant Kids exists to partner with parents to see life-change through Christ take place in the next generation.  This is more than a babysitting service.  This is a life-changing opportunity; not only for children, but for their entire families.  We believe life-change through Christ can be experienced at any age.  Radiant Kids has set the atmosphere for a high-energy, crazy creative, wacky way for kids to learn about God. 

The goal each weekend for Radiant Kids is to get kids clamoring to come back!  We do this by creating a weekend experience that is consistently CREATIVE, SAFE, CLEAN and FUN.


Our Commitment to Parents:  To provide the best quality ministry to your kids that we know how. Every diaper will be changed. Every room will be secure. Jesus will be taught every time. Our teams will pray and prepare long before you arrive. Your kids will want to come back.