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FlipSide: What Happens When You Die?

To say we all have questions about what happens after our life here on earth is over might be the biggest understatement in history. Questions like:

Will you know your loved ones? What will my body look like? Will I really never be sad again? Are we going to sing hymns for all eternity? Can you still enjoy deep dish pizza there?

Those questions and so many more lead to a deeper concern within all of our hearts; Can we really long for a place we know so little about? Well, in our new series, FlipSide, we will take an in-depth look at what the Bible says about life after death and discover what some of the leading thinkers on Heaven can add to this intriguing topic.

“Satan need not convince us that Heaven doesn’t exist. He need only convince us that Heaven is a boring, unearthly place. If we believe that lie, we’ll be robbed of our joy and anticipation, we’ll set our minds on this life and not the next, and we’ll not be motivated to share our faith. Why should we share the “good news” that people can spend eternity in a boring, ghostly place that even we’re not looking forward to?”

— Randy Alcorn

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