why church?

If you have not been part of a church family, or have been hurt by a church in your past, you may ask the question, “Why church?”  Why should I bother with an organization so full of issues?  An entity that has had difficulty communicating its benefit or compassion.  The bottom line is that the church is people, and people are fallible.  We are all broken in some way, but the church is God’s plan for bringing the world back into relationship with Him.  And, the church is supposed to be about God.

You may not believe that at this point in your life.  So, here are some points you might find more interesting right now.

JESUS is about HOPE.

People attending church are physically healthier and less depressed.  (The American Medical News. 3/4/96)

Alcohol abuse is 300% less for those who attend church.  (UCLA School of Medicine) 

Teens who attend church are four-times less likely to commit suicide.  (Journal of Chronic Disease, 25) 

Cities with high church attendance have the lowest crime rates.  (Crime, Values and Religion, 1987)


Attending church is helpful in the prevention of cancer, heart disease, and mental illness.

(National Institute of Healthcare Research in America, June 2000)

Church attendees stay half as long during hospital stays.  (Duke University)

Those attending church are five-times less likely to require antibiotics.  (Southern Medical Journal, July 1998)

There is lower blood pressure among men who attend church versus those who do not.
(Duke University)

There’s an additional average life expectancy of seven years.
(Demography, May 1999) (And you thought you didn’t have time for church...) 

Church-goers have fewer heart attacks than non-church-goers.
(David Larson, National Institute of Mental Health)


People attending church report a 50% higher weekly average family income.  (UCLA School of Medicine)

Those who attend religious services in their youth have about $11,000 more in yearly income by their early 30’s.  (UCLA School of Medicine)

Church attendance moves the underprivileged out of poverty and into the middle class.
(Why Religion Matters: The Impact of Religious Practice on Social Stability. The Heritage Foundation)

JESUS wants your MARRIAGE TO LAST (...and be enjoyable)

People who attend church are more likely to remain married and have a better sex-life.
(David Larson, National Institute of Mental Health) 

Church attendance is the number-one predictor of marital stability.  (Journal of Marriage and the Family, 40)

GSS survey from 2000-2004 says that those who attend church on regular basis have a 26% divorce rate compared to national average of 54%, which equates to 1,135,000 divorces in one year.  

If they attended church 317,000 marriages don’t divorce.

Tom Elis Council on the family says:
Those marriages that attend church on regular basis AND attend marriage seminar year see just 1 in 39,000 marriages fail or .00256%.

So... why NOT church?

These are all relevant points, but none of these address the bigger (or biggest question) which is, “What will happen after this life?”  After all of these things above have come to pass.  No matter how great or awful any of our lives become, they will all end.
So, the better question is, “Why NOT church?” or more accurately, “Why not JESUS?”
It’s more about a relationship than simply “something to believe in”.  One reason Jesus died was for you to have a better life, but “better” can be defined so many ways.  And, again, there is more after this life.  
Why not gather with others who are trying to figure this out too?  
Why not gather to discuss things that truly matter and will matter forever? 
Why not gather to connect and support each other in real and committed relationships (as difficult as they can sometimes be)? 
We call these gatherings, and those who gather, “Church”.